The Ins and Outs for a Hassle-free trip


PRE-FLIGHT PLANNING: This is arguably the most important part of the whole trip. With proper pre-flight planning, you know what to expect, what to bring and what to do.
File your eAPIS and flight plan as you would normally do. Be sure to use the ICAO flight plan form. Fill out the attached papers and have 8 copies of the Declaraion ready and with you.
Have a raft and life jackets and water survival gear - recommended. ONLY the life jackets are required.  
Route Outbound: From Key West it is an easy trip that can be done in about 4 hours at 155-160 kts. Depart via B646.At VINKA pick up B764. If you need to get fuel, you can stop in Cancun (MMUN) in which case you will go to DUGNI to R506/R519 direct to MMUN. If you do not need fuel, remain on B764 straight in to Belize MZBZ.
Key West Tower - 118.2
Key West Approach - 124.02
Miami Cnter - 132.2
Havana Center - 135.1
Meria - 128.2
Cancun 124.2
Cancun - 123.5
Merida - 125.8
Belize (Goldson) Approach - 121.0 
Belize (Goldson) Tower 118.0
You are REQUIRED to have a handler in Belize. It is a good idea no matter what Central American country you visit as they grease the wheels and make the procedure a breeze. In Belize City we used Clinton 501-635-9435. His fee is $150 ($75 in and $75 out) CASH. You will pay a customs fee of $40 per person (cash or credit card), a quarentine fee of $25 CASH, Sunday arrival overtime fee of $80 CASH. If you arrange in advance you MIGHT be able to get 100LL using a credit card but we did not and we were required to pay CASH for fuel that was $7/gallon in December 2017. The bottom line is call and ask Clinton BEFORE you depart so you are not caught short when you get there.
Have your passport with a 6 month expiration date past your time of visit. Have a hotel where you will be initially staying as it is required information for immigration.  Be sure to have all of your ARROW paperwork, including the radio operator (PILOT) and the radio station license (AIRCRAFT). Although I have not been asked for these, they are required. Also make sure you have proof of insurance that the aircrat is covered in Belize - they WILL ask for this. 
There are car rental agencies right there at the airport or you can catch a cab to the sea port to the water ferry to one of the islands. The cab to the ferry dock is $25 CASH. These prices are US dollars. Belize dollars is $2 BZD for each $1 USD. They gave us change in both USD and BZD and you can mix and match when paying for things. No one seems to care. 

Inbound Route (Retuening to Key West): Out of Belize City MZBZ take R899 north to CTM (Chetumal VOR). Pick up G765 through CZM and into the Cuban Inner ADIZ. You will NOT need an overflight permit for this. It is an absolutely stunning view of Cuba and the barrier reef. Be sure you are the co-pilot for this leg! Frequencies will be reverse from above.
Departure Fees:
Landing Fee - $5 ($9.75 BZD) CASH
Parking - $2/day CASH
Departure fee - $35.50 per passenger CASH. BE SURE BOTH PILOTS put their pilot certificate numbers on the paperwork to avoid the fees. Only passengers pay the fees. Be sure that both pilots (assuming 2 pilts go) are listed as essential crew.
You will pay CASH for your fuel at this time.
The pilot will have to go upstairs to file the flight plan with the Belize authorities. You cannot file on Foreflight.
Be sure your eAPIS has been filed with the US.
Call Key West Customs, with your anticipated time of arrival and write the time you called and the name of the officer with whom you spoke. The phone number for Customs is 305-296-0303 for the Key West Airport. When you arrive at customs, remain in the plane until they come inspect the plane. You will then open the plane so they can look at your bags and declare what you need to declare. Have a blue US immigration form filled out and ready to hand in. You can get one inside if you do not have one with you.