2019 Spring Flying - 99s hopping

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Spring is 99s Section Meeting Season .... where shall we go?

May 7 - Taking Care of Business:  When you live in the FL Keys, leg 1 of any trip is little more than getting off the islands, stopping to top off with fuel and preparing for leg 2. This trip is no different. As Vern says: I am "blowing through town" in Fort yers and taking care of a little other business while I am here. Then it is off to the first "Let's Fly Now! event in Jackson, TN. Stay tuned.
May 10 - Here we wait: So much for "blowing through town". Mother Nature decided that  the event in Jackson did not need to happen this weekend. WIth the weather, I was unable to launch as planned so I am remaining in Fort Myers before heading out to Spencer on Monday. Even here we had severe rains yesterday and hail! Looks like Wild Mama still has that leak from Mena. Wet carpet again! Ugh!!!
May 15 - Fun times in Tennessee:  This first part of the trip has been so far so good. I left out of Fort Myers on the 13th, filing for an 8 am departure. The more I stared at the weather, however, the more I became uneasy with the storms building out in the Gulf and the more I doubted my ability to get past them with an 8 am departure. So I amended the flight plane and launched early, picking up my clearance at 7:10 am. All went well through Tampa when the storms started blowing up. I was vectored to a clear path along the coast and remained there through Cross City. As I looked back at the radar behind me, it was as though my wake turbulance made the storms blow up. I had squeaked by narrowly and it was clear sailing ahead.
I remained in and out of the clouds through my fuel stop at Western Georgia and on through Sparta. I wanted the RNAV approach into Upper Cumberland but the controller said: "Airport 1 o'clock and 15 miles, they are landing VFR." In my language that meant go pound salt - no approach. I cancelled and flew the approach anyway for practice.
I hit the ground running with meetings with the contractor doing work on my cabin and  a host of other things. I had wanted to do some flightseeing with a special passenger but today was not the day and I arranged for that flight to happen on Tuesday. The weather conditions were not optimal for a Monday flight and after over 4 hours in the air Wild Mama needed a break.
Tuesday brought a beautiful day for flying and with my duties behind me I could concnetrate on my special passengers. Logan will be flying with me for the 3rd time. He first flew with me at the age of 4 with his dad; then again in Roxie when I stopped briefly in Sparta evecuating for the hurricane and now again in Wild Mama. He brought hs friend, Mason, a first time ever, ever, ever flyer. Mason was a bit nervous but handled his nerves quite well. We were not off the ground 2 minutes when Mason proclaimed: "this is awesome!". I knew he would be OK. We circled Cummins Falls, Center Hill Lake, Rock Island Falls and Fall Creek Falls and passed by the cabins in the hour long flight. Logan is all about airplanes and I think Mason might be leaning in that direction as well now, too.
Today brought rain and light duty for me. There was rain in the forecast so I got Wild Mama in the hangar as that pesky leak seems to be still present. I kicked back for some WINGs credits so I can work on my Advanced 4 and Master 4 WINGS for this year. HOPEFULLY, June will be available for glider training so I can finish the flight portion of the program. Tomorrow I launch out for Pensacola and the first of my 99s meetings.

... it's all about the plane!




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