Wild Mama Strerching Her Wings

June 12th - getting "the itch": The year 2018 did not start out the way I had hoped. After an amazing trip to Belize with "Big Chief" and Erin, my wings were severely clipped. I had injured my right shoulder (or should I more appropriately say that age injured my right shoulder) and I found myself in need of my 4th, yes, 4th shoulder surgery. As in all of the others arthritis was the culpret so it was a matter of cleaning up the deteriorated parts, going back to therapy and rehabilitating the should to "as good as it is going to get" until it is time for shoulder replacement.
While recouperating, I decided to get my eyes checked as things were just not as sharp as they had been. Cataracts. And it was time to get them fixed. Looks like I am in for "annual" so I sent Wild Mama to do the same - a bit pre-maturely for both of us. With eye surgery scheduled, I figured it was time to look at the hip and foot too. Once again arthritis is creeping in to the picture but with a little work on both the hip and foot, they were back to full function (or the new version thereof) in no time.
I was finally signed off to fly again around May 1st, just in time for the 99s North Central Section meeting and flight to Kalamazoo, MI and the Let's Fly Now kick-off in Mobile, AL. Both were amazingly great events but only short trips out as opposed to the usual summer vacation that Ellen and I usually take. Time to make plans, so stay tuned. Wild Mama and I will be departing on July 1st for the east half of the US adventure. I promise some fun times and lots of pictures posted to Facebook!